PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ANAMP Scholars are eligible to receive reimbursement of fees paid to participate in a STEM-related virtual conference, meeting, or workshop. ANAMP may reimburse an ANAMP Institution or Scholar either a portion or all of the cost for participation in a STEM-related conference, meeting, or workshop. Reimbursement for attending virtual conferences is provided while travel is restricted. Your Liaison can review the AMP Operations Manual (AOM) for the annual travel amount allowed based on the number of AMP Scholars at your Institution. Reimbursement is contingent upon prior approval by the ANAMP Project Coordinator or Program Manager.

DISBURSEMENT: Students must receive approval from the ANAMP Projects Coordinator or Program Manager before the start date. After a student has attended the function, ANAMP will reimburse the Institution within 30 days of receipt of a final approved Expenses form and all receipts including but not limited to: registration fees and other expenses directly related to the event.

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